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. . .to foster understanding.

Our goal is to develop and present a more clear understanding of this phenomenon.  This is a site for law enforcement personnel as well as the general public - to enlighten, educate, and offer support to officers who have been inexplicably drawn into the emotional upheaval of those who choose to end their lives.

There are police officers who are on duty today that are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Many demonstrate stress-elated symptoms that often go unchecked.  there are various reasons for this, but one may be that there are no adequate resources available in their department to assist them during this difficult time.  It may also be that the resources that are in place are not a guarantee that they will be treated with dignity and confidentiality.  If you are a Law Enforcement Administrator, please review your departmental policy regarding support resources for officer-involved shootings.

Please respect our privacy.  You may only contact the officer(s) listed on the suppot page via email.  Do not contact us for interviews if you intend to plead "editorial" excuses for last minute, unauthorized changes to the final story.  We find the entire process a gross invasion of privacy and assault on our dignity.  Should we find that you have been deceptive regarding the focus of your story, we will bar you and your publication or network from any further interviews.